Habitat ReStore

Getting Ready to Build!

This week I wrote a blog post for Tinyhomes.com about the decisions tiny house builders have to make regarding buying new or used, borrowing or finding tools and materials. You can read about it here!
You never know when you might find a new already built compost toilet with seat, lid, Separett insert, funnel and pee jug at the Habitat ReStore for $10! All I need now is a square kitty litter bucket and maybe a bottom with wheels to easily roll it out of my wet bath when I shower.
I found this chair for $5 at the ReBuilding Center a few months ago. It is identical to one I saw and adored in Vermont last fall and folds to the width of the side rails which will be perfect for my little house!
This past week, I have been getting ready to build with trips to buy tools and materials as well as contacting lumber companies to get a framing package put together so I can have it dropped off at my build site next week. I picked up my trailer yesterday and moved it to the build site in St. Johns with the help of Kevin who let me borrow his truck and Matt who drove it. These are two of the people who founded Green Anchors which is a community of people who are making use of an old shipping yard to work on projects that in their words "contribute to the social, economic, and environmental sustainability of the community" which I think is awesome! Kevin is a welder who I hope will share his skills with me for some of my interior components as well as to fabricate my metal pan and other flashing details. Another guy on site designs solar systems so I am also excited to get to know him as well. And there are other people working on projects I am looking forward to meeting. I am planning to get started on my floor next week and will have another post about that soon!
My trailer at the build site!
For more photos, check out my flickr!