Trailer: The Foundation

I found out last week that my trailer construction had been completed a week early so Lina and I decided to take a field trip out to Iron Eagle to see our trailers and to get some measurements. It was a perfect sunny and warm morning so we took our time looking over all the trailer details and doing some figuring. We both decided to have some 1/2" holes drilled in the angle iron flanges at about every 24" for bolting the walls down. I held off on having holes drilled in the corners and on either side of the wheel wells since I will be using HTT Tension Ties and need to wait to drill the holes until the walls are up so I know their exact location. Since Lina had her trailer built last year, Rob has made some finish modifications which we were curious to hear about. (Mostly I was jealous that mine was not as shiny as Lina's!) Rob is now using a phenolic modified primer and a polyurethane top coat finish which is supposed to be more durable. However, he has used the other process for 20 years and those trailers are still great. I think his interest in evolving trailer design for tiny homes is awesome and am excited to see how things change in the future. Lina and I told him about our blogs so hopefully he will enjoy following along on our build process and find it helpful. I hope you all find my build posts interesting as well. Without further ado, here are some photos!

For more photos, check out my flickr!