trailer build out

Garage: Cargo Trailer Build Out

Since there is more space at my new place, I decided to buy a cargo trailer that I could build out as a garage for tools and gear storage. It would also make moving again easier since I could store in it most of the things I had set up outside and under my house at the last place. You can read this post for a little more info about picking out the trailer and the move. Mainly, I chose a prefabricated cargo trailer due to time constraints and cost to build something myself. This 5'x8' cargo trailer was $2,236 new. I priced out just a trailer frame in this size at $1,500 so I think it's a pretty good deal to go with the fully built option.
When looking for a trailer, I wasn't certain that I needed the extra height of this one for my things but I sure have appreciated the ability to stand up inside! Also, I really like having a side door to access things a little easier. The double back doors can be a little difficult to get closed because I really have to press the lever toward the trailer and then push it down into the groove so that one of the pieces with a hole for a lock can swivel around and down. I think this is just part of the design to get a tight seal. Adding lubricant also has helped.
In designing my tool storage area, I decided to put it on the long side of the trailer opposite the side door. I wanted to build a shelving system for my toolbox and storage totes with tools, fasteners and materials. Since I had extra 2x4s and 1/2" plywood floating around from another project, I decided to use them for the shelves. With these materials and screws (always good to keep extra fasteners around!), I created a frame with 2 shelves. The 2 largest totes fit underneath on the floor, the 3 smaller totes fit on the shelf in the middle and the toolbox sits on the top shelf. I also installed some hooks and racks for other tools, extension cords and hoses.
On the other long side wall with the door, I installed the metal cabinet that I had used for my outdoor kitchen. I placed it up as high as I could so the RV camp stove could fit under and still provide a small storage space above. In the future, it might be neat to put the camp stove on industrial drawer slides to be able to slide it out the back and use it to cook!