Doug Fir

Trimming out the Windows

This past week I have been trimming out my windows since I realized I should get my trim and flooring finished before I start living in it at the end of the month. This way, the finishes will have time to air out and I will not have to move my things around as much. It also was kind of necessary to do so I could plan my surface mounted electrical to run along the edges of the trim if needed and so I can get the water heater set into it's place in order to do the plumbing. And I am waiting for my shower pan to be custom built this next week.
I picked up some Doug Fir trim from BMR. Before I made the trip there, I measured out approximately the amount and types of trim I wanted to buy. I planned to get 1x4s for the baseboard trim and 1x3s for the upper trim. For the windows, I wanted 1x4 trim for the sills, 1x3 for the interior wrap and 5/4x4 for the window headers. I wasn't quite sure if I would use 1x4 or 1x3 trim for the vertical face trim and apron so I bought a little extra of each. It was fun to pick through the trim there and find some beautiful CVG (or close to) material.
Back at site, I started the window trim by measuring and cutting out the sills. I decided to use 1x3s for the face trim, so I extended the sill edges 3" on each side to account for the width of the face trim and it's reveal. Then I measured and cut the top and side pieces of the interior wraps of each window. I trimmed out the loft window slightly different since the sill protruding from the wall looked a little weird. On that one, I just made a complete interior wrap with ripped 1x4s on all four sides and no face trim.
Once I had cut the interior wrap pieces, I sanded them with 60, 100 and 150 grit sandpaper. Then I applied a coat of Arm-R-Seal, let it dry, sanded with 400 grit sandpaper and repeated the process another time. I will maybe put another coat on after it is installed, the nails are set and holes are filled. When the pieces were dry, I installed them in place with 2" 18 gauge finish nails. I set the nails with a hammer and 1/32" nail set.
With the interior wrap in place, I measured and cut the face trim. I planned to have a 1/4" reveal on the wrap so I cut the vertical side pieces and aprons accordingly. I made the headers the same width as the sills but with the 5/4 material so they could be a 1/4" proud of the side pieces and also be in the same plane as the front edge of the sill. The two headers under the loft joists were a little tricky since I had to jig out around the steel.
Once I cut all of the face trim pieces, I repeated the sanding and coating process with them. The rain made it more difficult since I had to let them dry inside my house overnight without much air movement. The undersides were still a little wet in the morning but I guess I should be happy because that means my house is pretty well air sealed!
I used a combination square set at 1/4" for the reveal to align the vertical trim pieces. Then I centered the header piece on top and apron below. I installed the face trim with the same 2" 18 gauge nails and again set the nails. For more photos, check out my flickr!