Life Outside

Living in a small space works really well in a mild climate where you can spend much of the time outside year round. I grew up in the Midwest, in and out of conditioned spaces during the hot and humid summers and freezing cold winters (though as a kid I loved playing in the snow). I have lived in the PNW for the past 8 years where I have enjoyed hiking in the rainy winter months and campfires year round.
Summertime brings abundance to the garden. In Portland, it's quite easy to grow all the fruits and veggies you can eat and then some! I have been managing a large garden these past 2 years and it has been enjoyable to see things grow and share in the abundance. Last summer I had a part time job so I had more time to water, weed and care for all of the plants. This summer I am working more as a solar installer and also find myself more exhausted at the end of a physical workday to spend much time gardening so it is more neglected than I like. However, things are still growing and producing abundant produce.
I had welded some steel structures for the garden this past winter so it has been fun to see them amidst all of the green as well as to see the one I designed actually function as a trellis for the green beans and cucumbers. This year I even grew a lemon cucumber plant, yum!
I planted more sweet corn in blocks closer together which was successful for better pollination.
The native wildflowers have really taken off this year too though I also experienced Lupine aphids...
More tall and beautiful sunflowers too!
Check out my flickr for more photos!