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Youth and adult DIY building classes in partnership with TAL Holdings LLC throughout Oregon and Washington as well as Gorge MakerSpace in White Salmon. We are also available for private workshops at your location. Contact us to learn more.


resilient homes

Energy modeling, blower door testing and sustainability consulting for new and existing homes. We offer Earth Advantage home certification, verify new EPS homes, and provide HERS Ratings for new and existing homes.

Home energy scores

Licensed and authorized to provide Oregon and City of Portland Home Energy Scores. We specialize in pre-construction assessments.

Community empowerment through Building classes

Enerstructa offers free DIY building classes for women and kids in partnership with: Tum-A-Lum Lumber in Hood River, The Dalles and Pendleton, Oregon; Marson and Marson Lumber in Leavenworth and Cle Elum, Washington; and Browne’s Home Center in Friday Harbor, Washington. Projects have included block lamps, bird houses, tool boxes, candle holders and more! Make your own from our Projects page by clicking on the photos for instructions.

We offer women's woodworking series in partnership with Gorge MakerSpace in White Salmon, Washington. During these 4-6 weekly classes, women learn basic skills and tool safety, build confidence and friendships, and design and build their own projects. Projects have included tables, benches, stools, drying racks and wall art! Sign up for upcoming series here!

We also offer private parties for birthdays, workgroups and events at your location which you can schedule by contacting us.

Use EPS to find a home that’s built to perform

Brought to you by Energy Trust of Oregon, EPS is an energy performance score that helps smart homebuyers find homes that offer superior efficiency, comfort and savings. EPS lets you look behind the walls to see the true energy impact of a home. It reveals the estimated energy costs, the environmental impact, and it highlights specific energy-efficient features.

To earn a score, homes are third-party tested to be at least 10 percent above code with energy-saving solutions such as high-performance insulation, tight construction and efficient heating and cooling. EPS is compatible with other widely recognized energy ratings, and stands as a true symbol of top-quality construction.

Enerstructa is a third-party verifier for EPS homes in the Columbia River Gorge. EPS is similar to a Home Energy Score but includes a deeper analysis of a home's energy consumption, utility costs and carbon footprint through energy modeling. As part of EPS, we perform blower door testing which measures air tightness. We also test duct systems to ensure they are well sealed and insulated. We work with contractors throughout the design and construction process to support new cost effective ways to increase efficiency and durability in the homes they build. Contractors receive utility funded incentives for increased performance based energy efficiency measures.

We are a certified Sustainable Homes Professional, Home Energy Assessor, HERS Rater, BPI Building Analyst and Envelope Professional, and an Energy Trust of Oregon Trade Ally Contractor.

Talk to us about our EPS home verifications, or visit to learn more.

City of Portland Home Energy Score
City of Portland Home Energy Score

What is a Home Energy Score?

A Home Energy Score is like a miles-per-gallon rating for homes to compare energy performance. Homes are scored on a scale from 1 through 10 with 10 indicating the most energy efficient homes. A Home Energy Score is an asset based score that helps buyers and sellers understand how a home uses energy based on physical characteristics including size, building envelope and energy systems. The Home Energy Report includes the Home Energy Score, estimated annual energy use and cost, and recommended energy efficiency improvements.

What happens during a Home Energy Assessment?

The Home Energy Assessment is conducted by a qualified Home Energy Assessor and takes about an hour to complete. Enerstructa is a qualified assessor and collects information during a home walkthrough or from plans and a builder submission form. The information includes data about the home’s envelope as well as its heating, cooling and hot water systems. The assessor enters the data into an approved software tool to calculate the Home Energy Score. Utility bills and user dependent items like lighting, electronics and appliances are not included in the score calculation. Instead, the tool assumes standard operating conditions and average local weather to allow for an "apples to apples" comparison of homes.

What happens after a Home Energy Assessment?

The Home Energy Assessor generates the Home Energy Report that contains the Home Energy Score (see example below). The Home Energy Report must be included in the RMLS listing and other real-estate listings. Anyone can search for a Home Energy Report on the Green Building Registry and it must be made readily available to prospective buyers who visit the home.

Why is Portland requiring Home Energy Scores?

The City of Portland recognized that requiring Home Energy Scores is the best way to provide consumers with comparable and credible information about a home's energy use to better understand the full cost of owning a home. The requirement is also designed to motivate energy efficiency investments in homes that lower utility bills, reduce carbon emissions and increase comfort, health and safety for homeowners.

What does it cost to get a Home Energy Score?

Enerstructa charges a flat rate of $175 for pre-construction homes and $225 for existing homes. Please contact us to schedule.

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City of Portland Home Energy Score
City of Portland Home Energy Score