Energy Performance Score

What is a High Performing Home?

Green Building. Sustainability. LEED. EPS. HERS. Net-Zero Energy. Passive House. High Performance. All buzzwords in the home building industry. But what do they mean and why should you care?

If you are a home builder or have ever had a home built or remodeled, then you know there are many options in design, materials and methods. Building code provides the minimum standard for home building that is always evolving to advance building practices. Today’s advanced building practices become tomorrow’s code. Certifications like LEED, Net-Zero and Passive House as well as scoring tools such as EPS and HERS showcase homes currently being built better than code. They all have different checklists and options but similarly define how a home relates to its site, use of local and renewable materials, indoor air quality, water efficiency, energy efficiency & renewable energy. Energy modeling and diagnostic testing with equipment such as blower doors and duct blasters measure the home’s performance and enable comparison of efficiency similar to the miles per gallon ratings of vehicles. Home buyers cause use this information to estimate annual operating costs and carbon footprint. Home builders can use these certifications and scoring tools to differentiate themselves in the market, take advantage of utility incentives and stay up to date with building practices. Better built homes are durable, affordable, comfortable, healthy and energy efficient.


Features of a High Performing Home

  • More insulation: R-49+ attic, R23+ walls, R-30+ floors

  • Air sealing: <4 ACH50 (air changes per hour at 50 pascals)

  • Windows: U-0.25 or better

  • Whole home mechanical ventilation: ERV/HRV = Energy Recovery Ventilator/Heat Recovery Ventilator

  • Moisture sensing ventilation fans

  • Smart Thermostats

  • 95%+ AFUE ECM gas furnace or 10 HSPF 14 SEER+ electric ductless mini split system

  • 95%+ tankless gas water heater or 2.4 UEF electric heat pump water heater

  • 100% high efficiency lighting

Take a look inside an energy efficient EPS home. Features: Zip System R-sheathing, Rain screen system, BIB wall insulation, Air sealing measures, Mitsubishi ductless mini split system, Efficient gas tankless water heater, 100% efficient lighting